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Get to know us

La Bodi Massage Inc was founded in May 2011 in Carroll County Maryland by Myra Dorsey- Owner.
La Bodi Massage embraces the philosophy of  there is no excuse why you can't take two minutes today to intend your tomorrow.  In putting this thought process into practice, the company was formed with the intent on encouraging clients to adopt this approach to a healthier self where they too can start by taking control over their lives if- even for an hour to relax their bodies or allow therapeutic practices to be administered to give them a sense of awareness that could help alleviate muscle tensions, body soreness or even assist in calming the mind.


La Bodi Massage is a multi-facet practice that offers a variety of wellness services to include massage, reflexolgoy, meditation and other fitness techniques for those interested in being in a relaxing, tranquil, environment targeted to take you out of your busy world and focuses on adhering to your specific therapeutic needs.

In addition, the Company caters to Pro (Baltimore Ravens- Baltimore Mariners- Buffalo Bills) and college athletes  and high school athletic teams, corporate business establishments, senior center facilities, just to name a few. 

La Bodi Massage is also available to perform mobile services and Wellness educational classes at your facility!

Our Philosophy

The Company's goal is to provide these services in a fashion that is convenient for the client where the healing comes to you if so desired.


Mobile services will be offered to cater to the corporate schedules, strict practice and game timelines and pure convenience and comfort for those experiencing structured daily living routines and will target all caliber of clients.


La Bodi Massage has hired only qualified, licensed therapist to assist in servicing the great demand throughout the state of Maryland. (currently over 50 therapists on the La Bodi Massage team)

It is the Company's vision to move the practice from just being a local entity to a nationally operating business as the vendor of choice!

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