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Wellness Workshops

Allow our team of professional experts to educate your employees on different workplace wellness topics such as stress reduction, healthy eating, how to break bad habits in the work place, time management, exercise in the work place, etc.  These one hour lunch and learns can be so valuable to your workplace staff and can assist in greater productivity and morale.

Contact us at for more information including pricing.

Topics to include but not limited to....

Coping with stress in the workplace

 Worklife balance for the working woman

Workplace Massage

Working 9 to 5: Exercising & Eating well on the Job

 “Relax, Restore, Recharge for Workplace Wellbeing” (This is a guided workplace meditation)

Yoga at your desk

 Mindfulness in the workplace for challenging times 

CREATIVE ART- Tapping into creativity for workplace relaxation

Overcoming Employees' Financial Fears:  Budgeting Through a Crisis

 "SELF CARE-Creating a balance for wellbeing in the workplace"

Breaking bad habits

Time management - navigating work w/ outside life

Well Inspection
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