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La Bodi Massage

Revolutionizing Workplace Wellness

MBE/DBE/WOSB/WBENC Certified, EBO Certified, MWBOO Certified

DBE Certified La Bodi Massage
Certified WBENC

Corporate Wellness Solutions

Designed to recruit, engage and retain employees

La Bodi Massage - Your Partner in Fostering a Thriving Work Environment

At La Bodi, we're not just about providing wellness services; we're about creating a healthier, more productive workplace. Our corporate wellness solutions are specially designed to nurture the mind and body, enhancing the well-being of your team both at work and in their personal lives.

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Our Services

chair massage

Chair Massage

Quick, effective stress relief to boost productivity and focus

zumba classes

Zumba Classes

Energizing and fun, perfect for team building and morale.



Ancient relaxation techniques promoting overall health.

yoga classes

Yoga Classes

For improved flexibility, strength, and mental clarity

yoga classes

Meditation Classes

Refocus, reduce stress, and enhance productivity

online yoga coaching

Workplace Wellness

Virtual or onsite

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Why Choose La Bodi Massage for Your Corporate Wellness?

Substantial Cost Savings

A great wellness program can slash employee healthcare costs by up to 86%, as highlighted by the Harvard Business Review.  Better overall health means fewer sick days and more active engagement.

Investment in Stress Management:

The 2022 Employee Wellness Industry Trends Report by Wellable Labs notes that 76% of companies are increasing their investment in stress management and resilience resources. 

Enhanced Employee Retention:

In today’s dynamic economy, employee retention is crucial. With rising turnover rates, offering wellness benefits can be a key strategy in retaining talent. 

Improved Morale and Job Satisfaction:

Show your team you care and watch their productivity soar.

Increased Focus and Efficiency:

Mental clarity and sharpness are just a session away.

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Elevate your company’s health and productivity with La Bodi’s corporate wellness solutions. Contact us today to curate a wellness package that meets your unique needs.

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