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Strategic Partner in Human Resource Solutions 
MD HR Consulting, LLC

MD HR Consulting, LLC

At La Bodi Massage, we highly recommend MD HR Consulting, LLC for unparalleled HR solutions. Their team, with over 70 years of combined experience, excels in addressing any HR challenge, from strategic analysis to training.

They specialize in:

  • Employee Relations and Management training

MD HR Consulting's commitment to refining employee accountability, improving operational processes, and assembling the right team will set your business on a path to efficiency and success.

Strategic Analysis & Consulting

Performance Management: Custom improvement plans aligning with your unique business and employee needs.

HR Planning: Joint analysis of growth, tech needs, and changes to meet your company's objectives.

Office Talk

Human Resources Training Programs


  • Diversity & Inclusion, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Discrimination Awareness

  • Management Fundamentals, Collaborative Leadership

  • Business Coaching, Conflict & Communication Management

  • Workplace Culture, Habit Changes, Stress Management

  • Performance Reviews, Anti-Bullying Strategies, Effective Interviewing

  • Time Management, Generational Diversity in Workforce

  • Employee relations

HR Projects

HR Projects:

  • Conducting Workplace Investigations

  • Handbook Policy Management

  • Orientation Programs

  • Compliance with I-9

  • Job Description Development

  • Benefits & Compensation Management

Recruiting/Talent Acquisition - 

Team Partners - MD HR Consulting is a full service HR consulting practice who has teaming partners in all areas of human resources to ensure your needs are fully met. 

Why MD HR Consulting is a Great Partner:

Gain expert HR support without the overhead of full-time staff.

Efficient, cost-effective HR solutions tailored to your needs.

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