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La Bodi Massage: Your Partner in Corporate Health and Wellness

Now that we are a month into 2024 and we look at 2023 thinking “ Wow what a blur! I was so consumed with working 13 hour days, piano practice and soccer car pools for the kids,  paper deadlines due for college classes so I can get the promotion, how did this extra 15 lbs appear around my waist? Why did the doctor tell me my A1C is elevated and now I am on blood pressure meds?”

Many of us may fall into this category with the exact same questions, not even realizing that because we are busy with “LIFING”, that we actually are doing more harm to our mental and physical beings. SELF CARE is something that should be put on the front burner and not the back burner.  Afterall, if you are not at your best, you will not be able to be the best version of yourself for your families, employers, and friends.  So many people ask the question, how is this possible when there are not enough hours in the day? My response is always with a question. Do you have time to be sick in bed or worse-in the hospital? Your body eventually is going to demand you pay attention and will force you to relax at the most inconvenient times, so why not get a head start and implement self care NOW! At work and at home because what you don’t have time for are excuses!

self-care Corporate wellness

Avoid burnout with corporate wellness

Causes of Burnout

  • Excessive workload

  • Little control/autonomy in role

  • Failure to maintain boundaries with others

  • Perfectionism (personality)

  • Poor self-care

How to practice Self-Care

  • Drinking water and eating well -get your 8 oz daily and portion control

  • Getting enough good sleep -Sleep aid in your mental and physical wellbeing. Turn off all electronic devises at least 30 mins prior to sleep

  • Being active/exercise – At a minimum go on short daily walks. This can produces stabilize endorphins

  • Planning ahead and creating a routine- Create a schedule to incorporate breaks and personal time to recharge (get a monthly massage)

  • Asking for help

Schedule a Self- Care Weekend

self-care weekend

Self-Care begins and ends with YOU!

There are many stressors that occur from uncontrollable forces outside of yourself; however, we have the ability to respond to that stress in many ways. The stress we experience is oftentimes dependent on our choices. Our outcomes from stress are dependent on our responses, our lifestyle and our attitudes.

                   You are worthy of Self-Care! You Deserve Self- care!

                        Remember-WELLNESS WHILE AT WORK!!!!!!!

Add a corporate wellness program to your company, contact 

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